Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Week's worth of work

David and I have spent most nights at the house doing something to it. I think we have taken a total of two days off since the last time I blogged and maybe since we bought the house.

So I am not very consistent at this whole blogging thing, but I did want to update the blog with our progress since that first weekend.

We have done lots of painting. And we have decided what we are not good painters. I want to reiterate this for you: YOU DO NOT WANT US TO HELP YOU PAINT.

We painted the entry way and hallway a light brown color, the same one in the front living area.

And David hung the blinds that my parents bought us for the front room. They look awesome. So excited about this.

Then we painted the kitchen a darker brown, that matches the brown in the living room with the fireplace.

These browns looked so very different on paper and even when we sampled them on the walls, but now that we painted most of our house with them, in just the right lighting they look like the same color. Oh well, what can you do?

My brother, Kyle, painted one of the walls in my office green! I absolutely LOVE the color, it turned out perfectly. Now I am trying to decide if I should paint the other three walls green? Any opinions out there?

And David added a shelf and rod to our closet. It is small, but with the extra rod, we should be able to fit most of our clothes in there.

We bought a 5 gallon bucket of primer, not sure if we are going to use it all, but we are trying. I had to stick my entire hand in it the other day to stir it, since the stir stick we had was not long enough. I am still working on getting this primer off my hand!

The past few days David has been hard at work priming and painting all of the doors in our house.

This weekend our friend Liz started priming the wainscoting and the bookshelves in our back living area.

And Jordan came over too, so we put him to work, he primed one of the bookshelves next to the fire place. We are going to put a picture of him on this bookshelf, in memory of all his hard work.

I didnt get very far, but I really wanted to see how the wainscoting would look with the brown walls, and I LOVE IT! This part still needs a second coat, but it looks pretty good I think.

A few nights ago, our friends, Aimee and Michael (soon to be The Harrisons) offered to come over and help. We put them to work and they were there so late, they were definitely troopers!

Michael helped David with the doors. Apparently Michael was the "muscle" of this assembly line, moving doors on and off the saw horses, David was the all-time painter.

Aimee and I primed and painted the trim in the master bedroom. It was after 11 o'clock and Aimee and I were still working on the trim, so Michael grabbed a brush and helped us finish. I think we left around 11:45- it was too late.

Yesterday I spent hours priming and painting the baseboards in my office and then later that night, David went back to the house and hung most of the doors.

Oh yeah, and the other night we bought some hinges, handles and knobs to replace theses:

But the hinges are different and they make the cabinet doors stick out a little too far, so I am not exactly sure what we are going to do about that.

We are definitely making progress, but somedays it gets very long and tedious. If I find one more piece of wood that I have to sand, I will throw a fit. (Yes, David, another fit.) My fingers are bleeding. I have primer on my legs that will not come off. And I am going to need a serious manicure when this whole project is over. But I am so excited to see the finished project.

Welp see ya later...


brittany said...

I LOVE green... do it all!

I mean, have you seen our living room?!

Mom (Susan) said...

WOW The house looks awesome!!! You two (and friends) have done so much to it. I can't wait to see it in person!!
Love the Green wall!!
Seen you tomorrow
Love Mom (Susan)