Monday, January 18, 2010

Round Two - Thursday

So round two happened this weekend. Again our parents dedicated their entire weekends to coming and helping us renovate the house. These are going to be rather long posts, so I am going to separate them by days.

Starting with Thursday:

I picked up Susan at the McDonald's halfway between Norman and Tulsa around 9 am. Then we headed back to Norman to get started.

After a trip to Lowe's - this is basically how every day begins - we got to the house and got to work.

We were trying to choose the perfect color for the master bedroom. I have decided that those color swatches from Lowe's are a joke. What you see is not exactly what your wall gets. So we sampled a few different colors.

Susan took to my office and finished painting it green. I told you I loved this color and so I decided to paint all four walls green - I am so glad I did!

This is only after one coat, I'll show you a more finished photo later...

In the meantime I spent all day painting the wainscoting and the bookshelves. That is an intense job.

Did I mention Susan and I pulled an ALL-NIGHTER? We painted through the night and into the morning. Had to grab Susan a coffee, coke and a little late night snack at McDonalds, but after we finished our snacks around 3 am, we were back at it!

We were pooped at about 4 am, but somehow we made it to the morning and went home around 7:30 am, to see David off to work. We both crawled into bed and took about a three hour nap... Whew...

We both decided that we were too old for all nighters...

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