Monday, January 18, 2010

Round Two - Friday

These days all kinda ran together, but we woke up around 10:00. (Susan was up way before me, as usual!) Ran to Lowe's, picked up some more green paint and went back to work.

Susan finished the office, cleaned the ceiling fan blades and hung new(er), cleaner light globes? Not sure what they are called, but they look much nicer than what was in there before!

I worked even harder on those bookshelves and got very close to finishing them, but before we knew it, it was evening time again and my parents were on their way into town for dinner. So we finished early for the night.

From this post, you cannot tell, but we actually got alot done. We started painting the red bathroom and had some of the rooms taped off. It was a productive day, although slightly tiring.

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Anonymous said...

Looks really really good.