Monday, January 4, 2010


Let me just say that we have owned this house for less than one week and it does not even look like the same house on the inside. The outside looks the same... isn't it pretty?

These next few pictures were taken last Tuesday, right after we left the title company. If you look you can see that we had already started to destroy the kitchen. I mean I did not even get photos before we took a board down, ripped off wallpaper and even some of the formica backsplash.

So the night we got the house we started ripping down wall paper in our kitchen. It was not long before we realized that there were two ugly layers of wallpaper on our kitchen walls. You will see in the pictures coming up, do not worry. We had our first guest that night, our friend Riley Cummins stopped by to chat it up and take a few pictures of us at work. It was a really fun night, excluding the wallpaper part.

This is the mess we made that evening in our kitchen!

But the real progress came when our parents came into town this weekend and really changed everything. I will include pictures of that in the next post!

Welp See ya later!

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