Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cowboy Boots

For Christmas this year my parents bought me some cowboy boots. They are pretty sweet. they are Python. I don't get to wear them very often because I don't go out to nice restaurants or parties and wearing them around the house gets a little old.

Since this Christmas I have wanted a new pair of boots. The ole snake skins aren't made for the rain or mud so I can't wear them out if the weather isn't perfect. This Christmas I went coyote hunting with some of my family-in-laws in Corn, OK. I couldn't wear my boots so I wore Jimmy's and they were amazingly comfortable. Since then I have coveted a new pair.

So last night Taylor and I met, Kyle, Grandpa Jim, Jimmy, Nancy and Brandon and they all helped me pick out a new pair of boots at Langstons. It was a tough decision. if you haven't been boot shopping, it is quite intense, there are hundreds of boots out there. Prices range from $100.00 to over $1,000.00. The boots I was looking at for the most part were Justin's and that is what I ended up with. The boots are rubber soled so they are softer than the ole snake skins. Brown with red tops, although they have yellow and purple stitching but I know that they are some good boots because I got the approval of Jim and Jimmy. I plan on wearing them every Friday and anytime I go to Corn.

After that we all ate at Cattlemen's. That place is great. One of the best steaks i have had in a long time. I tried lamb fries for the first and probably last time. if you don't know what they are just ask Brittany Hussain or check out wikipedia.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Taylor is World Famous

Taylor is now officially world famous just check out all the places she is at these days!!

Old Hat Website

Holli B Photography

(Scroll down and click on the video called 'sports design business not an old hat')

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My training has begun with a rugged diet of Naked juices and running around Nompton, Oklahoma.

In less than two weeks Taylor and I will be running in the Red Bud Classic in Oklahoma City. Taylor is more experienced at running so I am in catch up mode.

This will be our 3rd year to run in the Red Bud but the first time we will run the 10K (6.4 miles). We run with team Young Life. Norman Young Life has the 'Camper Scamper' which is a fundraiser for kids to go to camp.

Lindsey Brassfield started this 3 years ago and it has been very fun and successful every year. If you want to donate let us know!

So I am running around nompton and trying to eat healthy. For lunch I have been drinking Naked drinks instead of having Burgers from Richie's and Spuds for City Bites. So far so good. i have been functioning fine even without as many calories coursing through me. Every flavor has been pretty solid. The one exception is the protein one. It tastes like chalk. I don't recommend it. The green one is a little suspect as well. other than that I would recommend them for a healthy breakfast or lunch. Check out their site nakedjuice.com

Monday, March 23, 2009


When I think of Twinkies i think of the gold dessert that can survive an atom bomb.
Today I want to talk about the other kind of twinkie, when people dress alike, on purpose or by accident. Being involved in Young Life and All Sports i tend to amass a similar wardrobe as my friends. When we have an event we are required to wear the same polo or tee shirt. Here are a few different pictures I have taken on my phone. Most of the time Jordan Satarawala is dressing like someone else.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So there are a few different shows that I watch. The Office, 24, Heroes and Lost.

The Office use to be funny, now I watch it hoping it will be funny and it is one of the few shows Taylor will watch with me.

24 is a great show but is pretty predictable. Once again the main reason I watch it is to hang out with Taylor.

The first season of Heroes was amazing, now I basically watch it hoping and praying something will happen where people will use their powers instead of just talk about them.

I got into Lost late but thanks to Hulu.com I caught up and watch it every week. It is the one show that gets better season after season. I like to check out a few different Lost Theory sites throughout the week. Most of them are ridiculous theories and never pan out. But there are few good ones. I studied film a little at OU so I like to pretend that I can give well thought out critiques of shows and movies (usually isn't the case). Last nights Lost, 3.18.09 was what I call a filler. It was entertaining but nothing too shocking really happened. For example, I could have watched the previews from two weeks ago and then the 'previous on lost' beginning of next week's show and be all right.

One thing that interested me the most about this weeks show was when sawyer said that Faraday wasn't with them any more. That is interesting for a few reasons. First, his mother is the old lady who told Jack & Co. how to get back to the island. Second, the last time we saw Faraday we was crazy.

But the main reason is because of a theory I heard a few weeks ago. From an earlier season we see a gianormous statue that only has the left foot and ankle remaining. The foot only has 4 toes, random. but what makes that interesting is the Season 5 promo poster.

Faraday is the guy sitting down on the far left. check out his left foot.

It has been photoshopped out. Now this entire thing has been messed with obviously but it is interesting that he is missing the left foot. Taylor and the folks at Old Hat Creative would know that something like that does just happen by accident.

Just something to think about. That is all for today. Basketball is about to start, one of the greatest few weeks of the year. Boomer Sooner

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's up G?

After just about every event we do we get donated product which includes Dr. Pepper products, coolers, towels, things such as that. After the Big 12 Championships we got stocked with a wealth of Gatorade products. Everything from the drink to multiple sized coolers, towels and even two water boy carts. (I never thought it could be so cool to be a waterboy.) Anyways, I have been consuming an absurd amount of Gatorade for someone who hasn't worked out in nearly a month.

Gatorade has re-branded, from Gatorade to simply G. When I first saw the commercials I didn't know what to think and when they released all the new cups, bottles and towels I thought it was a little lame.

Maybe it is the fact that I have about a gallon of the orange G coursing through my veins but I have changed my mind. I have not used the term 'G' so much in my entire life. Suddenly, everyone in the office is calling each other 'G' and saying things like "G, why don't you get yourself some G, G." We are doing it to be funny and to get rid of all the G in the back but it follows me home. I'm sure Taylor is tired of getting called G.

I think that if Gatorade wanted G to become a word/letter that is used in everyday speak it has worked at least on me...I am such a pawn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Stop Before the Last Stop

Well, I just finished the 2009 Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's and Women's Basketball Championships. It was a blast; but we aren't finished yet. In less than two weeks we will be hosting a NCAA Women's Regional on March 29th and 31st. It is the women's Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8. It is a great and exciting event. Once that is over we will have about one month before Big 12 Softball, Big 12 Baseball and the WCWS returns to OKC. it is a very exciting and busy time.

This is the first post in about a year so if everything works out Taylor and I will be posting more often with random stuff, not just work related stuff like this. I hope to learn a little more about this and add photos. My goal will be to get back on Thursday and tell you all about Lost and my thoughts.