Friday, May 28, 2010

Baseballs and Birthdays!

Well a few weeks ago we celebrated David's birthday by going to the Redhawks game and watching from the suite! David's office has a suite and his boss was kind enough to let us use it for his birthday! Everyone from his office was there along with a few friends. It was a tight fit, but we all enjoyed it!

David loves superheros, so I ordered him a superman cake and I must say it was delicious.

Our friends, Andy and Lisa got married on David's birthday 3 years ago, so we celebrated their anniversary as well.

Apparently white polos are in.


and Jordan....

This is our friend Kim and her son, Evrett. This was Evrett's first baseball game! It was kind of a big deal for him!

He wouldn't take his eyes off the game!

We had alot of fun!

Happy 27th Birthday David!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams

There is so much I could say about David, but I am going to let these lovely pictures do most of the explaining!

We were running our first half marathon together in Tulsa and David wore his gloves the whole time! It was sunny, hott even and he was still wearing his gloves. Look how happy he is... I love him.

It is rare for us to get a picture together without him making a super fun face!

He can run. Fast.

Way before we liked each other....

This was at my family's Christmas in Corn, OK last year. It may seem a bit abnormal, but trust me, for this family, this is all very normal!

Happy Birthday David!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Flower Power!

So tonight when David got home from work, he mowed the yard and did some landscaping. Which is great, because our backyard was definitely needing some attention.

But look what he brought me:

Aren't they gorgeous? Who knew you could grow pretty flowers in your own backyard? I sure did not. I just hope that David and I do not kill them.

We seriously have some very pretty flowers and bushes in our yard that I do not want to lose, but I really do not know how to protect them from myself.

Well anyway... lots of pictures of our beautiful fuchsia flowers... all kind of the same, but just so proud of our effortless gardening.

We are considering opening a floral shop out of our home. What do you think?

By the way, does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love Weddings!!!!!

Wedding season begins!!!

So a couple of weekends ago, David and I were in our friends' wedding in Tulsa. It was such a great wedding and we both had a great time.

I went up on Tuesday morning to spend the week with Aimee. I mean weddings are not really just a day, they are more like a week long EXTRAVAGANZA! I am sure any and everyone that was a part of our wedding knows how I feel about this! I had events planned starting on Thur night all the way through the wedding on Sat night! Anyway, I went to Tulsa and spent the weekend with Aimee and her family. We had a few last minute wedding things to do, some errands to run, dresses to steam and all kinds of random things! Aimee is so dear to me and I just wanted to be around her as much as I could! We had a blast. Well I did, I will let her speak for herself. It was such a great week! I even got some work done, thank goodness for internet and laptops!

I think we both enjoyed this wedding so much, because we were both in it and we are such good friends with the Bride, Aimee and the groom, Michael! They really have become some of our best friends! Here is a picture of them at the rehearsal on Thursday night! They were both so happy! Aimee was glowing - absolutely gorgeous!

Sadly, I realized after the wedding was over, that I did not take one picture of David and I together. What is worse, neither did Holli! :( I mean we looked good. And that doesn't happen very often, so I wanted to have some proof!

The wedding was perfect! Absolutely perfect. Aimee and her mom did a great job planning everything out and picking everything out. These bridesmaid dresses were the best, they are awesome! Lauren (maid of honor) and myself are planning to wear them to every upcoming event througout the spring and summer! Watch out! I could go on and on about this wedding, because I loved it so much, but here is a slideshow Holli made. I have watched it at least 3 times. If you are unsure how awesome Holli is at her job, then you will have no doubt after this slideshow!

HERE it is.

Okay, well that is really all I have. Since I only took like 4 pictures throughout the whole week, I will attach them, just a few pictures of all the girls!

We have a few more weddings coming up, most notable of course is Kyle and Meredith's in August! Yipee!!!

Welp... See ya later

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me....

By the way this post was suppose to publish about two weeks ago, but for some reason it did not get published... here it is a little late!

I finally turned 25! I have been waiting for this birthday for a long time...I mean how great, one year closer to 30. That is when you know you are old! Totally joking of course, this birthday is definitely anti-climatic and slightly depressing. However despite all of the doom and gloom, I had an incredible birthday thanks to some very sweet friends and my wonderful husband.

My birthday was on Thursday. Yes I am an April Fools baby! So fun, although I am not sure I have ever had an April Fools joke pulled on me, or pulled one for that matter. What a shame. I love practical jokes! :)

One of my very best friends, Aimee brought me donuts in bed! I mean, what is better than waking up to a maple long john and donut holes. I love donuts.

I spent most of the day with Aimee, Holli and Kim. The four of us (+ Evrett, Kim's 6 week old son) went to lunch at Chedder's. I do love that place. Last year my parents came in town for my birthday and we had lunch there. I didn't know that I liked it as much as I do, but it is just great! I highly recommend it. Totally enjoyed this time with the girls.

That afternoon Aimee and I drove to Penn Square Mall in OKC to do some shopping - what a fun time I have with this girl. She is getting married in just a few days and I just love her so much.

Aimee dropped me off with David in OKC and then the two of us went to dinner at Cheever's, a fun contemporary restaurant in midtown. It was so lovely. I cannot wait to go back.

David knew that a great dinner was good, but not great, so he made reservations at the melting pot for dessert. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. This was fabulous. Dipping rice krispies, bananas and brownies in hot melted chocolate and peanut butter. Does it get better than this? Uhhh maybe at Braum's with a peanut butter hot fudge sundae... the jury is still out.

the best surprise was that he had Friday off of work for Good Friday, so we got to have a slumber party on the couch!!! I have begged David to pull an all nighter watching movies on our sweet new couch. And so that is what we did. Well kinda. We may have started a movie and we may have fallen asleep at 12:30 p.m. But it was still a great idea!

Then this is where the weekend gets good. Friday evening he told me that we had reservations on Friday night, because it was part of my birthday... I didn't know any better, so I showered and got ready and tried to guess where we were going. I was surprised when we pulled up to Golden Corral, but I still thought he was just lying to me to get me out the door or something... Then I walked in to a group of friends! You know they are good friends if they will eat Golden Corral on a Friday night!!!

LOVE IT! This was the first time David has eaten Golden Corral with me... and I am so glad we did.

Well that is it folks. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the birthday messages and gifts. I had a great weekend. Thanks again to my fabulous husband who knows exactly what will make me happy: food.

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yard work is fun...

Our lovely house. Come visit us please...

So David spent this beautiful weather working out in the yard!!! And it looks awesome! I must say, he did so much. We were so proud of our big beautiful yard when we bought the house and knew the yard would be work and so it began.

So I can't be completely sure what all David did, I will try to give you a small summary of what it looks like he did:

pulled weeds, bushes and crap out of the all of the flower beds

These flower bed areas were ridiculous and totally over grown. It made our yard look terrible. But now it is all open and kinda pretty...

picked up tons of leaves (this was the second time we have bagged leaves)

gathered all kinds of twigs, branches and sticks

mowed the yards

and then remowed to get all the mulched grass from last year

removed a fence from our back patio:

There used to be a fence panel at the edge of our patio, next to the fireplace. It was very strange, we cannot figure out why it was there in the first place... guess we will find out if anything goes down.

David spent 5 hours on Friday and about 8 hours on Saturday working outside. I really don't know how he did all of that. I can't stand doing yard work. But it really looks great. We are not quite sure what most of the bushes in our yard are. So if there are any plant lovers out there who can identify our lovely shrubs and then tell us how to care for it.

So this post is extremely boring, but I thought it was time for an update, so I wanted to give the people something....

the point of this email is that David is awesome. He bagged all 25 of these bags with grass, mulch, weeds, acorns among other shrubbery.

He did such a good job and didn't even complain about it, just requested a bottle of water and a little turkey sandwich.

Thanks babe for taking care of all the yard work!

I love him!