Friday, May 28, 2010

Baseballs and Birthdays!

Well a few weeks ago we celebrated David's birthday by going to the Redhawks game and watching from the suite! David's office has a suite and his boss was kind enough to let us use it for his birthday! Everyone from his office was there along with a few friends. It was a tight fit, but we all enjoyed it!

David loves superheros, so I ordered him a superman cake and I must say it was delicious.

Our friends, Andy and Lisa got married on David's birthday 3 years ago, so we celebrated their anniversary as well.

Apparently white polos are in.


and Jordan....

This is our friend Kim and her son, Evrett. This was Evrett's first baseball game! It was kind of a big deal for him!

He wouldn't take his eyes off the game!

We had alot of fun!

Happy 27th Birthday David!

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Laurel said...

wow! Jack and I just looked at these pics-and man it made us homesick. I was telling Jack...remember Tay and david. love you guys! miss you