Monday, April 5, 2010

Yard work is fun...

Our lovely house. Come visit us please...

So David spent this beautiful weather working out in the yard!!! And it looks awesome! I must say, he did so much. We were so proud of our big beautiful yard when we bought the house and knew the yard would be work and so it began.

So I can't be completely sure what all David did, I will try to give you a small summary of what it looks like he did:

pulled weeds, bushes and crap out of the all of the flower beds

These flower bed areas were ridiculous and totally over grown. It made our yard look terrible. But now it is all open and kinda pretty...

picked up tons of leaves (this was the second time we have bagged leaves)

gathered all kinds of twigs, branches and sticks

mowed the yards

and then remowed to get all the mulched grass from last year

removed a fence from our back patio:

There used to be a fence panel at the edge of our patio, next to the fireplace. It was very strange, we cannot figure out why it was there in the first place... guess we will find out if anything goes down.

David spent 5 hours on Friday and about 8 hours on Saturday working outside. I really don't know how he did all of that. I can't stand doing yard work. But it really looks great. We are not quite sure what most of the bushes in our yard are. So if there are any plant lovers out there who can identify our lovely shrubs and then tell us how to care for it.

So this post is extremely boring, but I thought it was time for an update, so I wanted to give the people something....

the point of this email is that David is awesome. He bagged all 25 of these bags with grass, mulch, weeds, acorns among other shrubbery.

He did such a good job and didn't even complain about it, just requested a bottle of water and a little turkey sandwich.

Thanks babe for taking care of all the yard work!

I love him!

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Laurel said...

wohoo! looks good. cant wait to see it in a few months