Thursday, March 19, 2009


So there are a few different shows that I watch. The Office, 24, Heroes and Lost.

The Office use to be funny, now I watch it hoping it will be funny and it is one of the few shows Taylor will watch with me.

24 is a great show but is pretty predictable. Once again the main reason I watch it is to hang out with Taylor.

The first season of Heroes was amazing, now I basically watch it hoping and praying something will happen where people will use their powers instead of just talk about them.

I got into Lost late but thanks to I caught up and watch it every week. It is the one show that gets better season after season. I like to check out a few different Lost Theory sites throughout the week. Most of them are ridiculous theories and never pan out. But there are few good ones. I studied film a little at OU so I like to pretend that I can give well thought out critiques of shows and movies (usually isn't the case). Last nights Lost, 3.18.09 was what I call a filler. It was entertaining but nothing too shocking really happened. For example, I could have watched the previews from two weeks ago and then the 'previous on lost' beginning of next week's show and be all right.

One thing that interested me the most about this weeks show was when sawyer said that Faraday wasn't with them any more. That is interesting for a few reasons. First, his mother is the old lady who told Jack & Co. how to get back to the island. Second, the last time we saw Faraday we was crazy.

But the main reason is because of a theory I heard a few weeks ago. From an earlier season we see a gianormous statue that only has the left foot and ankle remaining. The foot only has 4 toes, random. but what makes that interesting is the Season 5 promo poster.

Faraday is the guy sitting down on the far left. check out his left foot.

It has been photoshopped out. Now this entire thing has been messed with obviously but it is interesting that he is missing the left foot. Taylor and the folks at Old Hat Creative would know that something like that does just happen by accident.

Just something to think about. That is all for today. Basketball is about to start, one of the greatest few weeks of the year. Boomer Sooner

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