Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's up G?

After just about every event we do we get donated product which includes Dr. Pepper products, coolers, towels, things such as that. After the Big 12 Championships we got stocked with a wealth of Gatorade products. Everything from the drink to multiple sized coolers, towels and even two water boy carts. (I never thought it could be so cool to be a waterboy.) Anyways, I have been consuming an absurd amount of Gatorade for someone who hasn't worked out in nearly a month.

Gatorade has re-branded, from Gatorade to simply G. When I first saw the commercials I didn't know what to think and when they released all the new cups, bottles and towels I thought it was a little lame.

Maybe it is the fact that I have about a gallon of the orange G coursing through my veins but I have changed my mind. I have not used the term 'G' so much in my entire life. Suddenly, everyone in the office is calling each other 'G' and saying things like "G, why don't you get yourself some G, G." We are doing it to be funny and to get rid of all the G in the back but it follows me home. I'm sure Taylor is tired of getting called G.

I think that if Gatorade wanted G to become a word/letter that is used in everyday speak it has worked at least on me...I am such a pawn.

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