Monday, January 18, 2010

Round Two - Saturday

We woke up to a rainy day... which was not too much of an issue, since most of our work is done inside anyway. It just seems like paint drys at a much slower rate.

Let me introduce you to the team that made this Saturday so productive:

David's mom, Susan, who is the all time best painter. Her specialty - cutting in, touching up and painting thick! I mean she works off of no sleep....

David's dad, Russ, who can apparently fix anything and everything, and he is not afraid of electricity.... so watch out!

My mom, Debbie. She will do anything. We usually found her doing the boring, mundane, tedious, long lasting projects, like painting the inside of cabinets or closets... she loves us ALOT.

My dad, Steve, who is definitely the Genius.... trust me.... he knows a lot of stuff, even if he claims to not kno what he is doing. But most of the time he lets us know how much he does know...

My brother, Kyle. He is a painter. I mean give him a foam roller and he will get to town on some wide open walls. Not a big fan of cutting in though. Sorry girls, he is engaged, to my wonderful sister-in-law -to-be, Meredith.

Here she is: Meredith. What a worker. She came up on her Saturday off to paint and hang out with everyone. This girl is tough, if she can stand to be around this family all day, she should be able to fit right in.

Rachel Rios, one of my best friends from high school, who drove 2.5 hours, with my parents to help us this weekend - WHAT a trooper! She is the best.

Let's not forget our good friend, Jordan Satarawala. He too will do anything, we are lucky that he still likes us, because everytime he "drops in", we put him to work. oh and did I mention he is single and he is a good painter? I'm just sayin'

And this was our favorite guest of all, my Grandpa Jim! He stopped in to supervise! It was great - everyone loves him!

On this day, David and Russ worked on putting up some new light fixtures in our guest bathroom, it was such a mess. The previous light fixtures had been installed poorly and part of the wall fell out. etc. etc. It seemed to be one thing after another with this project and the guys spent probably 4-5 hours on this one project.

After they finished with those lights, they hung lights in our bathroom and fans in two of the rooms. It was great to have Russ help with all of this, as good as David is, I am not sure this would have ever been accomplished without Russ! (If you look carefully, you can see Jordan behind the ladder, I think he helped too!)

There were so many things going on, I know I will not cover them all, but the master bedroom and bathroom were being painted. My mom and Rachel were giving the bookshelves in the fireplace room a second coat of paint. I was finished the baseboards in the front room. My dad and Rachel had to router (sp?) all of the cabinet doors - this was a mess.... But it was the best solution to our hinge problem. And of course with every solution, there is usually an additional problem, so we have a few cabinets that are still needing a little help. But after they were routered, we cleaned them off and started priming them. It was quite the assembly line.

Here is our front room, with all of the cabinet doors primed and waiting on a coat of paint.

Not only cabinets, but the scalloping edges for the tops of the cabinets. Its always something.

The girls started priming and painting the cabinet faces, wainscoting and trim in the kitchen. this was defnitely a NEVER-ENDING job. Thanks girls for tackling this beast of a project. Hopefully I will have it finished before they come back!

Jordan, Susan and David all helped paint the guest room.

David's parents left late on Saturday night to head back to Tulsa, it was so great of them to come!

oh and if you are wondering why you never see pictures of me, its because I just walk around with my big clipboard and assignment sheet and boss people around each day. Sometimes I don't even feed them lunch. It just the way it goes.

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