Monday, January 18, 2010

Round Two - Sunday

This was the last day of the marathon weekend of house updating, so I have a few pictures I want to post, but at the end of the night, we were in such a rush to get home that I forgot to post pictures of the finished project. Don't worry I will do that today and post some in the near future.

I didnt have picture of it on the last blog, but this is what the bathroom light fixtures looked like after Russ and David spent hours working on them on Saturday!

Since we started painting the closets on Sunday, we had to move all the supplies in to the bathroom tub. I think that was a great solution.

My dad and David spent a big chunk of their day putting the scalloped edge on the top of the cabinets. Since we ripped out the cabinets above the bar, there was alot of challenges that come with that. But they did a great job and it looks awesome, we were very lucky with the way some of the pieces fit together.

Oh and my dad is a genius, if I havent mentioned that before, he acts like he doesn't know what he is doing, but he does. So if he says something like, "this is what I would do if it were my house..." I suggest you do it.

My dad also spent time touching up this bathroom, the caulking job was so bad around the counter top, so he just scraped it off and redid it. I tell you this man is a genius.

Rachel spent a few hours in the morning painting trim and doing all kinds of random jobs that I didn't want to do. Then a little before lunch time, I locked her in a closet and told her to paint it I didn't think she could possibly be hungry, so I did not feed her lunch and made her wait until 7 pm for dinner. I did let her out of the closet and into the hallway to eat though. I doubt I can hire her back for next weekend...

I'm not sure why she is not in the closet for this picture, it must have been during her afternoon bathroom break.

My mom spent all of her day I believe in one of three closets painting the inside. I know it sounds dumb that I am painting closets and that I am wasting my friends and family's time on closets, but I am OCD. And these closets are dirty and dingy and I dont want to put my pretty baskets and blankets on dingy shelves. Plus my dad, the genius, said I will have the best looking closets... so there!

My mom and I finished painting the wainscoting in the hallway and entry way. It was such a mess. When we removed the blue tape, it peeled away some of the paint on the walls and it looked terrible. But my dad, the genius, came along and caulked thewalls and repainted the edges and they look brand new.

Doesn't this kitchen look awesome! I love it! This is what the girls worked on all day Saturday and now it is just lacking a final coat, that hopefully I will find time for this week!

I think that is all for today folks... look for a few more pictures soon!

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