Monday, January 4, 2010

Let the progress begin

Both of our parents drove in from out of town to spend their New Years day and weekend doing LOADS of manual labor. They absolutely transformed our house. These are a few of the photos from the weekend.

My dad and I had to tape off all the rooms to keep the sand and dust from getting into the other rooms where painting was taking place. We're pretty professional I know. Kinda felt like we were working in a bubble for a while.

Here's my dad, he's pretty much the greatest. He pretends like he doesn't know what he is doing, but he does. He's a genius, just ask him!

Thanks to David's mom, Susan and my brother, Kyle, our front living room looks incredible. It was David's idea to do a red wall, he was very excited about it and we are so happy with the way it turned out!

They also painted the back room a darker brown. They are a good painting team: Susan likes to cut in and be perfect and Kyle likes do to the rolling. Works for me, just as long as I dont have to do either!

Both of our moms spent a good amount of time ripping down wall paper in the kitchen, laundry room and hallway. They were so good at it, if you need some help, you should hire these ladies. The absolutely LOVE it!

There was so much wallpaper, even David helped a little bit. He was a pansie though, he had to wear a face mask.

Please note how open and roomy the kitchen looks. It makes me so happy!

David and our friend Andy knocked down those overhead cabinets above the bar. It was quite a task and required lots of work getting it to look just right, but it looks AWESOME!

I think pretty much everyone helped in the kitchen at some point. Our friend Lisa helped rip off wall paper and even the formica backsplash area had nothing on her!

We had to remove all of the cabinet doors and sand them, they are all waiting in the garage for the next step. This is only half of the cabinets, the others are on the other side of the garage. Don't be fooled, there are TONS.

Oh, and I used a power tool for the first time this weekend. I fell in love with the sander. Spent hours out there givin' them a taste of their own medicine. (I don't know what that means.)

My mom painted the insides of every cabinet in the kitchen, pantry, laundry room and living room, it was a HUGE task that took hours, almost an entire day. She liked it.

HolliB Photography donated a some her afternoon time to textured our kitchen walls. Yes, she is not just a photographer, but she is also a professional texturer! You should check out her work:

My sister-in-law to-be helped me texture the front entry way and hallway. Ya, we did awesome. We're a pretty good texturing team - Watch out!

Oh yeah and I stepped in the bucket of texture. I mean, who moved the bucket?

And yes, I walked around for the rest of the evening with a plastic bag tied around my shoe.

David was pretty sure it was time to leave.

I have so many pictures from each day, to document the progress, but I didn't want to bore you to death. So I only posted a few. We still have plenty to do and it will take us a few more weeks, but we can definitely see progress and it is so encouraging. Can't wait to have everyone over to see the finished progress

On Sunday afternoon when everyone had left, this was how the house looked:


Front Living Room

Here's the Crew: (minus a few)

I know how good I look, you don't need to tell me. Susan didn't dirty at all, she is amazing.

We can not say thank you enough to our parents who drove down from Tulsa and up from Texas to help us do all these things. We love you guys so much! Can't wait to see it all done!


brittany said...

It looks AWESOME! Can't wait to come over and see it!!!

I'm probably most impressed with Holli's flexibility... Is that her leg in a cabinet?!

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LOVE THIS!!!! Can't wait to visit!