Monday, January 25, 2010

Round Three - Friday

Friday night... deep breath...okay here we go.

My parents arrived around 7 pm, again amazing... left straight from work, grabbed a quick bite to eat on the road and showed up at our door as soon as they possibly could have! Can't believe it.

So we put 'em to work.

My mom and I had another HUGE job. I had tried so hard to paint the cabinet faces in the kitchen, pantry-laundry room combo that I could, but there is just so many cabinets. So my mom and I set out to finish that on Friday night. And we did! Thank goodness. So my mom... can I stop for a minute to tell you how incredible this woman is? She works so hard at everything I asked her to do. And so many times I didn't even ask her, she just found the next project and got after it. She is so detail oriented and I think there is even a bit of OCD, perefectionism in her. Under cabinets, on the floor getting baseboards, that hardly anyone will ever see.... there she is. We spent a while in the pantry-laundry room combo painting and it was really fun. We laughed alot. I definitely get my sense of humor from her! oh yeah and my good looks!

Meanwhile, my dad had taken some cabinet doors to Texas to have them fixed to fit properly with the new hinges. I could go into details, but I would have to make up alot of stuff and pretend to know what I am talking about, but instead I just trusted the genius. It worked well, but not perfect, always acting on the safe side, we did not have the people remove enough edge on the wood, so that left another "project" for the guys to fix. And this is where I get to tell you how amazing my husband is. He took on the task of making these doors fit and did alot of measuring and drilling new holes and was able to make all of these unique doors fit perfectly! He did such a great job, I think he even impressed the genius a little bit!

They were not excited about stopping for the camera, not sure if you could read that on their faces or not?

As I mentioned in the last post, my brother finished all of the drawers and did alot of little things I was so tired of doing. He had his share of contact paper to rip out of a drawer also. He too is amazing. Pretty much comes over, every opportunity we give him and lends a hand... agin for no reason. I think he likes us...

He started painting these shelves that go in our closet. Pretty boring job.

That is about it, we tried to get out of there early, but we didn't. They are such troopers!

Thanks mom and dad, I love you

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jh said...

House is looking awesome. When u guys move in? I'm sad I missed the renovations...I love the diy stuff.