Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost there....

This post is going to update you on what we did last week, after our parents left on Sunday evening and before they returned again on Friday evening.. YEP that is right, our amazing parents came back to town for ROUND 3!

I am telling you, David and I have the Best Parents IN. THE. WORLD.

Who else would selflessly give us 3 out of 4 weekends, to do TONS of manual labor, for absolutely NOTHING in return. That is right, we didn't even have to buy them food, in fact normally they bought us food!? I guess that is such an incredible picture of God's love... we absolutely do not deserve their love, generosity, kindness and help... but they love us SO much that from their overflow of LOVE we are so blessed by them. Their kindness seems to never end, even when I was short, irritated, frustrated or needy, they continued to love us. WOW! I could go on and on and trust me, I will, but for now, I want to prove that David and I DID work when they were at home. I have pictures to prove it:

While they were here last time (Round 2), we had run out of cabinet/trim paint and so I had set myself up for a BIG job. I needed to paint as many of the cabinet doors as I could before they returned. Let me tell you there are almost 40 cabinet doors in the kitchen and living room and 3 of them are over 3ft tall, so this was no small task. Not to mention we had to paint both sides and give the front side two coats. Each coat took at around 5-8 hours, with prepping, painting and drying.

These are the first set that were finished, my dad and I started them during ROUND 2 and I finished them after he left.

I have to brag on David quite a bit here, he picked out the handles and knobs and they look so awesome, I was convinced we could find ones we liked for cheaper, but I was WRONG and I am so glad he was RIGHT. They are exactly what we wanted. He was also in charge of adding the hardware and making them fit, which again was no small task. That ended up being another project in and of itself. But if was all worth it, they look phenomenal!

I had finished about 28 of them before my parents arrived on Friday evening. In between coats, I would head to the kitchen to paint the faces of the cabinets... yuck. I am glad we have a big kitchen with lots of storage, but this week, I hated it. It took so long and I had to be so careful, no streaks, no drips, full coverage, lots of drying time, it was quite a mess!

My friends, Aimee and Lauren started priming our drawers. And let me tell you, that Aimee, she ripped out all of the wallpaper/contact paper in the bottom of one of the drawers. We had given up on it a couple of weeks ago, but she would not. Thanks Aimee, now I am not laying in bed at night worrying about the contact paper we painted over in one of our drawers.

David found a ceiling fan for our bedroom and hung it by himself one evening...not sure how he did that now that I think about it....hmmm? but he did! I love him. :)

My mom painted our closet before they left during ROUND 2, so this is what it looked like when they left. While they were gone, David did some more carpentry work and added a shelf across the top. More shelving in our closet is definitely necessary.

This was basically the look when my parents arrived on Friday evening. Starting to look finished!

Get ready... it will only get better from here.

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