Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baseball and Hats

The baseball season started last week and we have been watching quite a lot. Well I have, not so much Taylor. Because we live in Norman we get all the Texas Rangers games. I do not have a team in baseball, like I do in football (the Dallas Cowboys). I like the NY Yankees, NY Mets, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Colorado Rockies. I like the Yankees for the tradition, Mets because I like David Wright and the Rays because they are a small market team, although they did add $21 million to their pay roll from last year. The Rockies because the were created right around the time I started following sports.

I have always given the Texas Rangers a hard time, mainly because they have always sucked since I have been watching them. But now that I have watched a lot of their games, more than anyone else's I might be coming around. It pains me to say it, especially since I get BS a ton of crap about. The Rangers are the only team i have seen live. The OKC Red Hawks are the AAA affiliate so I can watch the up and comers. The way things are going I may be a fan by the end of the season.

The Rangers changed from their old blue hats to this year's Red Hats. I love baseball caps here are a few that I have. I don't have a red hat and the Rangers cap may be the one I get. who knows.

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